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Warning: If the optimized CSS is incomplete or has a problem, it means that some classes or IDs are not recognized by the bots and therefore some CSS codes are mistakenly removed. To fix this problem, be sure to Add the settings section for classes or IDs that you use on the web page but are not recognized...



The size of all your CSS codes is ... the unused CSS size is ... and the optimized CSS size is ...

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How does it work?

  • We collect all CSS files and codes

    We collect all the CSS files along with the CSS codes that are inside the <style> tag from your web page.

  • Remove unused CSS

    CSSOwl bots will detect and remove all unused CSS.

    We also scan Javascript and JQuery files to identify unused CSS. Currently we only support Javascript and JQuery library.

  • Get optimized CSS!

    Finally, we deliver optimized CSS to you!


Frequently Asked Questions


Download the optimized CSS or save it to a file then add it to the web page Remove the old CSS.

If your optimized CSS is broken or incomplete, our bots may have mistakenly removed some CSS code. To solve this problem, you need to see what CSS classes, IDs or elements are not recognized by the bots, then enter the settings manually.

You must fully apply the cookies of an active user in the settings, then start optimizing the page.